GrooveWasher Walnut Record Cleaning Kit




Designed and hand crafted by GrooveWasher in North Kansas City, MO, USA.  This kit features a replaceable microfiber cleaning pad attached to a solid milled American Walnut handle, GrooveWasher’s own G2 Record Cleaning Fluid in 4oz bottle with mist spray applicator and record label protector mask.  The 4 ounce mist spray bottle included in this kit has more than 500 fine mist sprays. Refill bottles of G2 Fluid are available for separate purchase.

G2 Fluid contains:

• Surfactant: State of the art, technical surfactant, designed to dissolve the oils from fingerprints and effectively to clean the vinyl record’s delicate surface.

• Super wetting agent: A specialty surfactant, combined with a blending agent, that reduces the fluid’s viscosity so it can penetrate to the bottom of the microgroove and spread the G2 Fluid across the record evenly. You can see the wetting action when you spray G2 on the record.

• Emulsifier: Suspends the oils, dirt, mildew and microdust particles until the microfiber cleaning pad absorbs and pulls the grime from the record surface.

• Purified, deionized water: The carrier for the active cleaning ingredients. Eliminates static electric charges on the record’s surface on contact. Generally, this anti-static effect endures to the end of playing the record side.


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