the listening lobby

A tiny record store and showroom.

Our 100 square foot retail space allows customers to visit our workspace and purchase certain ready made products and bypass online ordering. The Listening Lobby features custom made displays, standard product models, unique design and spacial utilization to accommodate a full turntable set up, hundreds of records, shirts, record totes and other Prathermade products.

The goal? Allow a unique space for people to come, browse records and experience our products. The items we have for sale are completely unique to our area, including new indie/folk/folk pop records, AM turntable cleaning accessories, Nag Champa incense, incense holders, soap decks, airplants and locally made cards to pair with gifts.

Open Times:

Every 3rd Friday and Saturday of the month, 10am – 3pm

ATTN: Closed until further notice due to Corona Virus.